Fighting Childhood Hunger

Take Action INC

the history of take action inc


Mountain Park Church conducted a door to door food drive in 2010 to launch the backpack ministry.

The photo on the right shows volunteers from Neighborhood House as they receive the first shipment of food for Sitton Elementary.  

Take Action INC began as a food ministry at Mountain Park Church in Lake Oswego, Oregon in 2010.  As a church leader, Michael Huber was involved in a food drive at Mountain Park for Rivergate Church in St. Johns.  While in a community meeting in St. Johns, the Pastor at Rivergate Church, Carren Woods, was told about children who were hoarding food from their school lunch every Friday so they would have food for the weekend.  Some children were actually stuffing tatertots in their pockets! Pastor Carren asked Michael if the church would give some of the food they were gathering, to an organization called Neighborhood House. They were running a "sun school" program at Sitton Elementary and  were intimately aware of the hunger problem at this school.  Of course the answer was yes!  It was after this first delivery that Michael and his wife Janet decided they needed to do more than give just one load of food.   They were amazed to find out what a major problem childhood hunger is in our local communities.

As they became an ongoing supplier of food to 25 children at Sitton, other schools began to approach them and ask for help.

From there the evolution began as Michael and Janet started reaching out to other churches, businesses, organizations and individuals for help.  Realizing they would need to become a stand alone non-profit in order to gather food and raise funds from a broad base of supporters, they launchedTake Action INC on June 15, 2011.  With generous support from the law firm, Sussman Shank LLP, a non-profit was formed, and finally on March 7, 2013 the IRS gave their final approval. 

Michael and Janet believe that God lead them to do this work, and they could see His hand providing them with resources and direction.  They knew they needed to take action to help these children.  So the name came easily.

Take Action INC.  The INC was actually "borrowed" from another organization Michael had volunteered for, Love INC.  The INC stands for, In the Name of Christ. 

It was a wonderful parent at West Hills Christian School that developed their logo. 

The word of God is clear that we are to Love our neighbors as ourselves.  We are moved by the words of Jesus in Matthew 25, and specifically in verse 40.  "Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me."

In the Fall of 2017 we can look back on continued growth and transformation.  We have found that as we open more schools, others come along side to pitch in with support.  In some cases we have been able to completely turn over schools to others.  

Our board member Marjorie Miyasako is our eyes and ears in the community.  She is aware of the needs of all of the schools in the Portland Metropolitan area.  She is instrumental in prioritizing where we go next.  It is through her that we know there are still many children that are not being helped.  

Marjorie has also been instrumental in securing greatly needed grants.  Funding requires an ongoing effort.  We serve in faith with the belief that God will provide.