Marysville K-8:  A family was homeless for five months and the extra food for the two girls was extremely appreciated when the "cupboards were bare".  They finally found a home of their own.  TAI provides stability to their diets.  

SUN Site Manager Audrey Rozell

Pioneer Special Schools:  Our students return to school on Mondays in a better space after having food for the weekend.  School Receptionist Jeannie Curtis  

Sacramento Elementary:  ​Students and parents thank me for bringing this program to our school.  We have many families with several children and it can be hard to make ends meet.  Take Action INC has been a vital service for these families.  Additionally, this program allows teachers to help when they learn of students in their class who are struggling with food instability.  Now, they can easily make a referral to me, and I can get the student set up in our program.  Just last week, an excited first grader picked up her food bag and exclaimed, "We are going to eat so much this weekend!"  It brought me joy to see the immediate and vital impact this program has on our families.  Another student is currently living in a homeless Shelter.  While his family receives meals at the shelter, it can still be scary for a child to no know for certain where his or her next meal is coming from.  To ease any anxiety, I packed his backpack full of peanut butter crackers, granola bars, applesauce, and other snack foods.  He was very excited and relieved to have his own special stash!  SUN Site Manager Jenna Sjulin

Lane Middle School:  At the start of this school year, a student and his brother who attend our school asked for help with food.  They told school staff that the only food they were going to be able to have that month was from school meals, as their mom had to pay some other bills and had no money left for food for the rest of the month.  The backpack food program provided these students with the only food they would have access to on the weekend.  We have our mobile food pantry from the Oregon Food Bank up and running now, and I think it is such a great success in part because of how successful our backpack food program was.  I thank you so much for providing such a needed resource for our students over the years.  Personally, it has been one of my favorite parts of my job here at Lane Middle School.  - Alyssa Fulks  School Counselor

Hayhurst Elementary:  The impact is absolutely amazing.  For children to have the security that they know they will eat each weekend is absolutely crucial to their well-being.  Our school children would have far more insecurity without the help of the weekend food backpacks.   All of the families who receive the backpacks appreciate the support that the school provides for their family.  If a family is doing well, they are respectful of the program and let us know to pass the food bag on to another family in need.  If their situation changes then they have called back and asked to be included again.  School Principal Deanne Froehlich & Backpack Program Coordinator Osha Roller 

Fighting Childhood Hunger

Take Action INC

​Just a few  comments from our May 2016 School Survey